Parinda Sakdanaraseth, Bangkok-based designer.
“Beside being a designer, I must say I am a good cat tamer”

😴 nornnorn

is a way to save the world
while sleeping  🛏

Pantone of Tactiles  =
🎨 color + ☝️ texture + ☺️emotion

👉 Touch Project 👀
(Please do touch it)

Relationgifts 🎀

– to give and get love.

“These are pieces of life”
experimental comics.

‘Soontree Life’ of
🎺 Baan Suriyasai 

Dream records vol.I-X 💿
is a collection of what is left from my dreams.

✨ The relationships of small happiness  for Bangkok Design Festival.

grab & go café 🍱

Chiang Mai Design Week 2014  🎊 / Modern Lanna Style

The Athenee Hotel Bangkok
🏵‘The Royal Roots’🏵

Turning back in time.

🙏 Ask God 🙏
“Gods in your own pocket.” 

YUP means
Young Unleashed Power💪

A journey to 🐲 boat,
🍙 Bajang Diary 

Skin O’ Clock

Organic skincare for everyone

🌅 After Dark 🌅
The beauty of nostalgia

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