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Chiangmai Design Week


An illustration for Chiang Mai Design week event commissioned by TNOP Design.
The illustration simplified from how Lanna people dress in ancient era
and combined with nowaday design products.

Photos: courtesy of TNOP Design

a study of Lanna culture.
FACT: Lanna was an Indianized state centered in present-day Northern Thailand from the 13th to 18th centuries. (Photos of over-150-years-mural painting from Wat Bhu Mintr, Nan province
and Wat Phra Singha, Chiangmai province)

A young Lanna man with a camera.

A man holding rolls of blue print dresses in Lanna fashion which tattooed legs is a must.

A chic lady with Lanna-style-cigaratte.

A long-necked girl with a briefcase in traditional tribe costume
which comes from the deep forest in Chiangmai.

A Lanna girl with the papercase and an eyeglasses.

A man in Rajapattern shirt with Lanna style loin cloth, holding the pen tablet.

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