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The Relationship of small happiness

Selected featured artist for the art4d T-project on the occasion of
the 10th edition of the Bangkok Design Festival ‘Be Happy Be …’

When I first got the brief to design a T-shirt representing ‘Happy’,
I was going head over heels about the idea of design an abstract minimal symbolic
of human kind’s true happiness or something that gonna sounds really cool.
I was trying for 2-3 sketches then realised this is not going to work.

I started over again with the question what is the easiest thing that would make my day?
The answer came out easily than expected. They are the small little things that I enjoy in my daily routine.
Some looks very simple but yet  important to brights up my mood all day from work stress.

These are the moments that matter to me.

A promotional video


A fresh cup of tea.

A good music while working.

My good old friend Ipod.

fresh page of my sketchbook.

The Relationship of Small Happiness T-Shirt is available to purchase here.

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