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Touch Project

Degree Project, 2015

Finalist of 2015 ‘Design for Health’ Degree Show Award by Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Featured on Art4d article : click here for the link

Touch Project is an experimental design project that aims to create a common language communicating to both visual and visually impaired user by integrating graphic design & tactile design together. By using the key concept of this ideal universal language, this project’s outcome results as a series of books with various techniques that can be read and served visually, tactually and aesthetically.

There’s a long story to talk about this project.

If you want to skip the long part to see the final outcome click here 

This project originately started from the class assignment for 3rd year editiorial design.
The breif that given in that class was ‘ to recreate a Wallpaper magazine special issue for chosen target group’.

I thought it was fun and challenging to do a Wallpaper magazine for blind people.

Given a limited of time, I did what I could do best on researching and design development.
  This is the result of 4-week assignment.

Wallpaper magazine issue for blind people,
with hand-embossed and polished coating to create different textures for the illustration.

A spread with Braille letters along with alphabet letters.
The illustration made with hand-embossed technique same as the cover above.

After I did the assignment, I’m not sastified with the result. I kept on curious what if I’d given more time,
what possible ways I could’ve done and improve it better.
I took the oppoortunity to choose it as my degree project for graduating my BA in Graphic Design.

I started with a lot of researching.
‘ To find and experiment every possible way to create an aesthetic of visual and textile graphic
that both visually impaired and visual people could both enjoy’. 

after collecting data for few months, I created a little piece set of pattern,
screen-printed with puffed colour.
They are simple pattern pieces that give textile texture from the puffed colour.

Screen block for my set of pattern pieces 

Textile pattern pieces.

I wanted to experimented the relationship between visual and textile graphic.
How does it is related? Does the blind see and feel different from us when it comes to textile?
I did a survey the pattern pieces to Lookpla, the visually impaired I had contacted from Blind Associate.
*Lookpla is a total-blindness visually impaired who got a master degree in Thai fine arts.
(and that’s so amazing about her!)

me interviewing with Lookpla, the visually impairred.

I gave her a piece by piece textile patterns and asked her to describe how does each one make her feels.
The result I got back surprised me. They could know and feel the difference of each patterns.
Every dot, line, plane, shape effects its relation.

I have catagorised the pattern and put it into 2 groups;
the positive patterns and the negative patterns.

Left: negative, Right: positive

After I got the result, I began to design the book by experimenting on various techniques
that could give both the visual and textile for visually impairred . 

I decided to use 4 techniques for each booklet to illustrate Rainer Maria Rilke’s Poem
from ‘The Book of Image’ and picked 2-3  textile pattern from the research above
to make an artwork for each one.



The first book is talking about ‘Fate’, using screen printing technique
with puffed colour to create the textile layer.
Used textile pattern : ‘Insecure’, ‘Even’, ‘Discontinue’

The structure of Booklet 01: Fate

Screen printing in process

Making the colour ‘puffed’ with high tempurature heated gun

Finish Look of Booklet 01: Fate 



The second book is about ‘Friend’ which I decided to experiment with papercutting technique.
Used textile pattern : Sad, Nervous, Smooth

The structure of Booklet 02: Friend

Print the artwork on yellow paper.

Lasercutted the pattern

Finish Look of Booklet 02: Friend 



The third book is about ‘Love, telling the story of unsuccessful love and broken heart.
This one I experimented by using a translucent film instead of a paper
and made the textile layer with embossing technique.

The structure of Booklet 03: Love

The template for embossing. Made from a plate of acrylic, engraved with laser.

Screenprinting the visual layer on the translucent film.


Finish Look of Booklet 03: Love



On the last book I created the textile layer with crossstiching a white thread on the blue paper.
creating the mood of hope and the visual of the star city.

The structure of Booklet 04: Hope

Printed out the visual layer on the blue smooth paper

Punched the holes for crossstiching

Creating the textile layer

Finish Look of Booklet 04: Hope


These are the final outcome after a year of research,experiement and design process.

The case for the booklets

The cover

Booklet 01 : Fate

Booklet 02 : Friend

Booklet 03: Love

Booklet 04 : Hope

The Poster

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