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Branding/visual/communication/UI and UX design for Nornnorn,
a startup for sleep product company based on the Circular Economy concept

logo design

‘Now sleep can be green’

concept and business model

100% biodegradable namecard

What we are facing right now when you need a new bed.

You choose the model and have to buy it. You have to pay full amount or at least 10% installment for it. 

Got the mattress!
Sleep tight.

Years pass by or you have to move away. The mattress needs to be thrown away. 

The mattress became a garbage. There was a report that more than 50 millions mattresses being thrown away every year. How sad.

How to save the world while sleeping


With our new business model. You subscribe to us and pay less start from just 3$/month! No need to pay it all at once.

We offer you to select your preferred model from our many 5-starred top quality mattress partner brands.

When it’s time to change. We will collect the used mattress back. No need to find a place to throw away. 

Mother knows best.
We are the one who made it that make us who know best to recycle it! All used mattressed will be recycled and you will keep get to used brand new mattress again.

Manop’s customer journey click here for large image

UX/UI design for dashboard page

Website design

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